This is the perfect dynamic duo. This episode of The Groomer Next Door has my good friend and nutrion mentor Dr. Laurie Coger DVM on the podcast. As of November 2019 273 episodes of the podcast, almost 30 radio shows, and about 15 Youtube videos later I can't take credit alone for these shows. I have a lot of great people who have guided me throughout life and this journey. Dr. Coger is responsible for motivating me to learn what is needed to hold a forum in the veterinarian care and nutritional debates.

I will never state I did this alone and anyone who takes sole credit for anything they've created is a fooling you.  This is more of a testament then a description but over almost 6 years I doubt many read these descriptions and honestly a heartfelt disclosure is more important for me to share then a synopsis on what you're going to hear.

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