Hello Pups and Kittens, this week on The Groomer Next Door podcast we're joined by one of the BEST Aegis Rhodasian Ridgeback experts available. But none of this would've happened if it weren't for Troy Allison of Fetching Foods. So let's meet Erin Coogan


Erin's Champions 

2009 Earns Aegis 5 New AKC Champions!
and RRCUS Top 10 Breeder Award, Again!

Ch. Aegis What I've Not Got
Ch. Aegis Jahzara Nia
Ch. Aegis Bada Bing Bada Boom
Ch. Invictus Armageddon At Aegis, JC
Ch. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas, JC

2010 Earns Aegis 4 New AKC Champions, 1 AKC Grand Champion, THE AKC/EUKANUBA National Champion RR, and 1 Canadian Champion! Awarding us a RRCUS Top 10 breeder Award, yet AGAIN!
Ch. Aegis Honest Abe
Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN
Ch. Aegis Voodoo
Ch. Invictus African Queen
GCh. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas, JC (#3 RR in U.S.)
Can. Ch. Invictus The Fifth Element

2011 has finished UP! AEGIS RIDGEBACKS had 2 new AKC Champions, 1 Canadian Champion, 1 AOM at the RRCUS National Specialty AND the WINNER of BEST OF BREED at the Westminster Kennel Club!
 Ch. Aegis Elektra Red of Argos, RN, TD
Gch. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas, JC (Top #1 RR Dog- All Systems)
and New Canadian Champion too!
 Ch. Aegis Zoey of Hidden Meadows

And 3 Top 20 AGILITY Contenders!
Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN, OA, AXJ, NF (#13)
Aegis Fierce Tiger, RA, NP, NPJ, NA, NJP (#18)
Mwen-Yezi's Epic Powder Day, OA, AXJ, NF (#15)

2012 Starts With A BANG
as Zero is awarded BEST IN SPECIALTY at the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and the Bay Area RR Club with over 100 RR entered at each!

New! Ch. Kamari's Lailaps at Aegis
New! Ch. Mutare's Morning Moon at Aegis
New! Ch. Aegis Zealed With A Kiss
New! Ch. Aegis Foolish Pride
New! Ch. Elyia's Stardust
New! VC Qualifier & Open Agility Title Ch. Aegis Elektra Red of Argos, CGC, RN, JC, TD, OA, OAJ
New! Rally Obedience Titles J'onahhrebel Elisha of Aegis, TT, RA, HIC
New! Open and Excellent Agility Titles Aegis Fierce Tiger,RA,OA,AXJ,NAP,NJP
New! Excellent Standard Agility Titles Mwen-Yezi's Epic Powder Day, AX,AXJ,NF
New! Best In Sweeps Winner/BARRC Specialty Skydance One Magic Dream
(Zero x Magic)

2013 was a great time!
Lots of fun and excitement with Top Dogs in TWO COUNTRIES, 3 new AKC Champions, 1 AKC GCh, 1 RRCUS Best In Sweeps Winner and 1 CKC Champion

New! Ch, GCh Bronze, #3 Bitch and #13 RR in U.S. Tahari's Redwood Original
New! #3 RR in Canada and Can. Ch. Elyia's Stardust
New! Ch. Aegis One In A Zeallion
New! Ch. Aegis Shaken Not Stirred
New! RRCUS National Best in Sweeps Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
New! VC Qualifier Ch. Ramnes Unreal Zeal, CD RE OAJ


2014 gave us ANOTHER
RRCUS National Specialty Best In Sweeps WINNER!

New! RRCUS NBIS Aziza's Hottest Ticket In Town (Ziggy son)
Best Ridged Male Finalist RRCUS National Specialty Aegis Gift of a 2nd Chance
New! Ch. Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
New! Aegis Let The Future Begin, JC, TD
New! Zero's kids Victor and Victoria CH.
New! Ziggy son Ilan from Lionridge CH.

2015 We Are HOT!!!

New! GCH. Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
New! GCh. Aegis Let The Future Begin, TD, JC
New! Ch. Aziza's Hottest Ticket In Town (Ziggy Son)
New! Ch. Aegis Fool Proof
New! Ch. Lionridge Maximum Voltage (Ziggy Son)
New! Ch. Skydance One Magic Christmas (Zero Daughter)

2016 Fruits Of Our Labors!!!
New! Ch. Mutare's Aegis Take Charge Lady "Duja"
New! Ch. Aegis Everybodyz Enviouz "Tari"
New! Ch. Aegis Red Hot Firefly by Aziza "Zoey"
New! Ch. Aegis Me Too At CJs Ranch "Ditto"
New! Aegis Gift of a Second Chance "Kai"
New! Ch. Tahari's Original Revelator At Aegis "Revel"
New! GCH. Luvakis Legen-WaitForIt-Legendary! (Zero son) "Bro"
New! Canadian Ch. Desert Song's Bossa Nova Baby (Ziggy daughter) "Scotia"
Are there more? Should there be? YOWZA

2017's Not Over Yet!!
 "Zero" Best Veteran and AOM at the RRCUS National Spcecialty
"Julia" LURE COURSING Best Veteran at the RRCUS National Specialty

Zero kids:
New! Ch. Aegis Dancin' Fool With Mutare "Zappa"
New! Ch. Skydance The Spell Is Cast, RN "Cassie"
New! Ch. Toiyabe's Leading The Dynasty "Fallon"
Ziggy kids:
New! Ch. Skydance's Magical Stardust for Sokira
New! CD Title Lionridge's Embers In The Night "Ember"
New! Ch. Mosi Along By Desert Song "Mosi"
New! Ch. Desert Song's Hollywood Start "Hollywood"

You are invited to research Aegis Ridgebacks Online!
To see for yourself and learn how to research EVERY RR BREEDER'S Health Clearances, click the following link, type in Aegis, click "any part of name", highlight "Rhodesian Ridgeback" and click "Search" at the bottom.


i1.jpg   i2.jpg
i4.jpg   i3.jpg
Dual Ch. Kivuli's Kennecott Copper,SC, HIC
Ch. Kivuli's Hodari Rasuli X Ch. Kivuli's First Edition
"Kinley" aka "Baddog"
Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Ch. Kimani's The Standard Image,JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Jigifa, JC
The #3 Brood Bitch in 2002 from ONE litter!
The #2 Brood Bitch in 2006 from ONE litter
Has 2 qualifying legs towards her CD title  
Kinley lived with Erin, Gracie & Dylan
in West Valley City, Utah
Ch. Aegis Zandhele Aziza, JC
Ch. Kimani's The Standard Image,JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Jigifa,JC
The only pointed Open Field Coursing RR in History!
owned by The Hendricks and Amy Balthrop 
Ch. Aegis Going For Gold,JC, HIC
Deion X Kinley
Sydney,the sweetest most gentle lover girl around and Wooowooo'd to let you know it. 
She lived with Jillyn, Don, Alta and her son Aegis Rula Bula "Conor"

Aegis Rhodeo Girl
Deion X Kinley
Miss Tet is just 3 singles short
of her Championship
She is relocated back to Oregon for
her retirement years!
Welcome Home, Arete!!!!


American and Canadian Ch. Aegis HALO, ROM (canada), CGC
BIS Ch. Oakhurst WGASA Morgan Run, ROM X Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Our First Canadian Champion!!!!!
With 4 Canadian Champion get, Halo earned her Register of Merit
She is also the Dam of 3 American Champions!
Adored by Pia in Quebec


Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Goddess Rhea
Ivan X Sydney
Finished long before 2 years old.
Owned and loved by Maria Jongeblood
of Portland, Oregon


Ch. Aegis The Simple Life, JC
Morgan X Kinley
What a Sassy Blonde indeed!
Loved by Cheryl & Duncan Livingston in Utah


Ch. Aegis San Diego Surfer Dude
Mokey X Annie
This Big Hunk of a dog finished his
Championship with 3 Majors in 4 weekends.
He is loved by The Nickles Family and
maybe even Hailey(a little) in Denver, CO.

Canadian Ch. Invictus Army Of Darkness
Ch. Rivercity's Travlin Man, JC x AM/Can Ch. Aegis Halo, CGN
Bred by Halo's owner Tamzin Hart and Aegis, this Canadian
hunk of burning love lives with Leeloo, Esme (the Puli) and 3 orange kitties!
Major pointed in the U.S. too!!!!
Ch. Aegis What I've Not Got
Riley x Abi
Owned and Loved by
Jim Piirala and Tara Layton and his
house buddy Aegis Hellraiser 23 "Pete"

"Bing" (pictured at 12 months)
Ch. Aegis Bada Bing Bada Boom
Ivan x Arete
Damn Good Dog! Tons of personality,
Tons of love, Tons to say!
Lives the "Farm Dog" life with the
Dexter's in Orovada, NV., his girlie
friend,Tailor, and his daughter, Kylie. 


Ch. Aegis Beg, Borrow and Deal
Morgan X Kinley
A total of 4 weekends, 3 Majors!
Loved by Jesse Frick in Arizona


BISS AKC GRCh. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas,JC
Ch. Rivercity's Travlin' Man, JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Halo,ROM
Bred by Invictus: Tamzin Hart, Canada
Owned by: Aegis and Invictus
Lives with: Erin and Family
The #3 RIDGEBACK IN THE U.S. 2010!
Best of Breed Winner at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.
Best of Breed Winner at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club!
Award of Merritt Winner at the 2011 RRCUS National Specialty!
Best of Breed Winner at the 2012 SDRRC Specialty Show!
The #2 RIDGEBACK IN THE U.S. 2011!


Can. Ch. Invictus The Fifth Element
Ch.Aegis Bada Bing Bada Boom x Rivercity's Fit To A Tea
Bred by Wendy Dexter and Aegis
Owned by Tamzin Hart/Invictus Ridgebacks
Lovely, Lovely, Lovely and evidently
Bubbalicious too.


Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN, OA, OAJ, NF
Ivan x Arete
You ain't seen nothin' yet!
Bred and Owned by Aegis
We fight over who loves her the most....
Erin and kids, Jillyn and Don or Dave and Juliet!
Webmaster wins!!!!! Erin and the kids! hehehehe


Ch. Aegis Elektra Red of Argos, RN,OA,OAJ,TD,JC,VC
GCH. HPK Tropaco Troyan Argos of Coso,JC x Ch. Coulee Ridge's Runaway Red @ Aegis,SC,NAP,NJP
Loved and Trained (a lot) by Lisa Erickson et. al. in Oregon!

GCh. Mutare's Morning Moon at Aegis
Ch. Kimani's Walk on the Wildside,ROM x Gch. Umtali's Playful Beginnings, JC
owned by Aegis and Mutare
LOVE this girl with the Kissing Paw (LF WHITE SOCK)
Our Pride and Joy

Ch. Aegis Zealed With A Kiss
Ch. Aegis Unreal Zeal,RE,CD,NAJ,TT x Ch. Aegis The Simple Life, JC
Just 3 months after delivering 10 beautiful puppies,
our best girl "Puppy, Puppy" is finished!
She's our Home Girl, living at the Coogan/Johnson house always!


Canadian and American Ch. Elyia's Stardust
Am/Can Ch. Thornberry Akala x Can Ch. Invictus Love Actually
A puppy in big boy clothes! Finished with 4 majors!
A fabulous addition to the Aegis Family from Canada.
Adored by Aegis Foxy Roxy and the Mitchell Family.

Ch. Aegis Shaken Not Stirred
Zero x Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN,OA,AXJ,NF
Totally Dork-a-licios and loved by
all! Livin' the high life with
Jillyn and Don in Oregon.

Ch. Aegis Let The Future Begin, TD, JC
Zero x Lexi
A Super Star- Dream Girl
Huge congrats to her Breeder/Owner
Lisa Erickson in Oregon for a 100 %
Breeder/Owner/Handler Champion!


GCHB. Aegis Fool Proof
Zero x Kylie
#13 RR in the US
This pistol lives between Erin, Juliet and Wendy....
Whoever can stand him the longest!

Ch. Aegis Jigifa, JC
Ch. Calico Ridge Downtown Brown, ROM X DC Kivuli's Kennecott Copper,SC
OUR FIRST HOMEBRED CHAMPION !!! ok, Jillyn's first, but Erin got to show her.

Ch. Aegis Ruby Tuesday
Ch. Kimani's The Standard Image, JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Jigifa,JC
Loved by Linda Siplon in Casper, WY.
1998-2013 really!

Ch. Aegis Custom Continental, JC
Ch. Kimani's Walk On The Wildside, ROM X Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Top 20 RR for 2002 and 2003 conformation.
Reserve Winner's Dog 2001 RRCUS National Specialty
Award of Excellence AKC/Eukanuba Invitational 2002
RRCUS Medallion Winner
BARRC Best Veteran in Sweeps Winner 2008
Leroy lived with Dan, Mylisa, Zachary & Joshua Graham in Sandy, Utah

Ch. Aegis Amarantha,JC
Deion X Kinley
Annie finished handily with 3 majors, even with the "dreaded"(not) 4 white feet!
She is still making it up Millcreek Canyon (8 miles round trip) at 10 1/2 years old!
She is loved by the Ausbeck family in Utah:
Holly, Avey, Carlin, Claire & Chris
2000-2014 yep, it's the truth


Aegis The Accurate Image
Kinley X Deion
Deserves an Honorable Mention here.
Kaz was unfortunately hit by a car in
2002, he was 2 singles short of his
Championship and had one leg towards
his Junior Courser title.
He was adored by the Wawryzniak's.


Ch. Aegis Wild Mountain Aspen
Deion X Kinley
Aspen finished with multiple breed wins and a group placement!
Now spayed, she lives the good life with The Shupe's in Washington.
Kimberly, Eric, Lakely, Kimball & new baby boy.


Ch. Mokibo of Makana
Morgan X Kibo
Not bred by Aegis, buy definitely part
of the family!
This sweetheart of a guy lives with the
Wawryzniak's, Kary, Sherry, Madison, McKay, &
Keagan in St. George, Utah.


"Zedahn" or "Z-Man"
Ch. Aegis Half Touch Of Gold, JC, HIC
Ch. Mokibo of Makana X Ch. Aegis Amarantha, JC
Mokey and Annie's first Champion!
Owned and loved by Chris, Tami & Zander Martin, Oregon.

American and Canadian DUAL Ch. Aegis Cardinal Riley, SC, NJP,CGC, HIC,TT
BIS Ch. Oakhurst WGASA Morgan Run, ROM X Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Our First Home Bred FIELD CHAMPION!!!!
He is adored by his ladies, M.K., Brook, Lexi and Lisa Erickson in Portland, Oregon

Ch. Aegis Limahuli O'Makana, JC
Mokey x Annie
The Hoo!
Now a Beach Comber on the Oregon Coast with
Mike McReynolds.


Ch. Ramnes Unreal Zeal, CD,RE, OAJ, CGC, TT, VC
Ch. Globe's Daredevil of Lionvelt, OA, OAJ, RE, HIC X Ch. Aegis Going For Gold,JC, HIC
Snuggled by Tammy McGill of Sugar Hill, GA (also owner of his sire Ivan).
Finished in a flash at barely one week over his First Birthday, And do you see
all of those titles he is racking up? NICE


AM/CAN.Ch. CouleeRidge's Runaway Red @ Aegis, SC, NAP, NJP
Leroy x Abi
Loved by Lisa, MK, & Riley in Oregon!
We love this leggy Super Model!!!!!

Ch. Aegis Jahzara Nia
Riley x Abi
Spoiled rotten by owner
Emily Cramer and adored by
house buddy rescue "Obi"

Ch. Invictus Armageddon of Aegis, JC
Travis x Halo
Bred by: Invictus and Aegis
Owned by: The Nielsons and Aegis
Lover of everyone and everything (well, not deer!)
We lost Geddie Spaghetti to stomach bloat/torsion...what a tragedy.

Ch. Aegis Honest Abe
Huli x Abi
Abi's 4th Champion!
This hansome YOUNG Champion is caretaker of a new set of Twins!
Loved by the McMurray Family.
Ch. Invictus African Queen
Travis x Halo
Hot Damn! 4 Majors.

Ch. Aegis Voodoo
Huli x Abi
One leg towards my Junior Courser too!
Loved by the Kanoho's in Oregon.

Ch. Aegis Zoey of Hidden Meadows
(Ch.AegisBadaBingBadaBoom x Ch.Invictus Armageddon at Aegs, JC)
owned and loved by the Everman's of Applegate, OR
and Aegis
CH. Kamari's Lailaps At Aegis
Zero x Ch. Copperridge Spirit In Motion Kamali
Bred by: Renee Vitullo and Lin Hainlan
Owned by Aegis and the Grahams.
Filling the shoes of his predecessor, Leroy, at the
Graham household in Utah!

Ch. Aegis Foolish Pride
(Bing x Geddie)
Beautiful, Sweet and a lotta bit Goofy!
Farm girl turned couch hog
Loved by the Dexters, daddy Bing and auntie Tailor.
2010-2014 died due to aggressive mastitis tumor gone wrong.


Ch. Aegis One In A Zeallion
Ch. Aegis Honest Abe x Ch. Aegis Zealed With A Kiss
Six straight weekends and a bunch of Majors
New Champion!
Loved by the Gearharts


Ch. Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
Zero x Merritt
An easy road to her Ch. status
with Jillyn on the lead. 100% of 
points from the Bred-by class!
Best in Junior Sweeps at the 2013
RRCUS National Specialty.
Loved almost every minute by Jillyn,
Don and their Aegis Crew


Ch. Aegis Everybodyz Enviouz
Zero x Zirah
Multiple specialty WB honors!
Nevada Farmdog with buddy Bing
and the Dexters!






More Episodes

Episode 210 “JANICE COSTA”

March 10, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens and welcoome back to The Groomer Next Door Podcast. I'm really happy to have moved away from Plant Base Diet back to what I love. This is what the podcast is all about. Being able to talk with great individuals learning about their stories and having this moment in time with them. It's a good day to talk to Janice Costa.

Janice Costa
Janice Costa has been working with dogs for more than 15 years, and has been planning dog vacations professionally for nine years – but her love affair with dogs began long before that. She got her first dog, a beautiful English Shepherd named Fluffy, when she was only 11 months old, and before she even outweighed the dog food bag, Janice had taken over care and feeding duties. She’s been passionate about dogs ever since.

In 2002, after losing her beloved black lab mix, Tiffany, she decided to honor her faithful friend’s memory by getting involved in rescue work. Soon she had adopted a rescue dog of her own and, recognizing that “a tired dog is a good dog,” she quickly became active in obedience classes, agility, flyball and service dog training. She continued to volunteer with dogs and became certified as both a Therapy Dog Test Examiner and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She is also a certified instructor in Pet First Aid and Canine CPR.

Because her job required a good deal of travel, she cherished spending vacation time with her dogs, and in 2009, frustrated by the lack of travel options for dog lovers, she became co-owner and founder of her first dog vacation business, Canine Club Getaway, and later launched Canine Camp Getaway of NY. 

When she’s not planning activities for Canine Camp Getaway of NY, Janice runs the The Canine Club Meetup Group, putting together dog-friendly outings for more than 200 people and their canines. She is active in a wide variety of dog activities on Long Island and throughout New York State, and she also chairs several annual pet food and supply drives to support various shelters throughout Long Island. She assists in doing home visits and transporting rescue dogs to their new homes, and also competes in dock diving; her lab/mal mix Lexie is currently the reigning National Champion in the North American Diving Dogs Veterans Masters division.
Janice enjoys writing about all things dog-related, and has written for numerous dog magazines, including Bark Magazine and Fido Friendly. She blogs about pet-friendly travel in her "Traveling Tails" blog, and has spoken about everything from pet-friendly design and Canine CPR to therapy dog work at shows throughout the tri-state area.

Janice is proudly owned by a wild child Lab mix named Lexie and a surprisingly sane malinois puppy named Kaylee, along with two very tolerant cats. The whole family is watched over by the Jessie, the Belgian Malinois/Collie/Shepherd mix who started it all, and who continues to keep an eye on "her" camp from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

When she's not planning dog events, Janice works in the home design industry, and has authored two books, Grand Master Baths (Creative Homeowner) and Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Remodel Your Kitchen Without Losing Your Mind (Andrews McMeel). She is currently at work on a dog memoir, Jessie’s Girl. She dedicates Canine Camp Getaway of NY to her beloved (and never forgotten) Tiffany dog, to her angel, Jessie, and to Lexie and Kaylee, who every day leave indelible paw prints not only on her clothing, but on her heart.

Jessie Costa
Ambassadog Emeritus & Founding Ambassadog, CCG Heaven Chapter

Born in Pennsylvania and dumped in a kill shelter when she got “too big,” Jessie had to overcome some major trust issues with humans when she was first adopted. However, she always enjoyed the company of other animals (even helping to rescue an injured squirrel once), so dog activities became a major part of the socialization process once she found her “fur-ever” home.

Coming from strong working lines, Jessie shared her Mom’s “Type A” personality, and it soon became clear that, like most working dogs, she was happiest when she had a job. Obedience, retrieving balls and running agility initially filled that void, and later, she expanded her “work” to include retrieving medicine, water and the cordless phone on command, as well as working with the elderly.

A high-drive dog, Jessie found herself entranced by lure coursing (aka “crack cocaine for dogs”) and sought out opportunities to engage in various dog sports. But Jessie also had a strong social streak, and soon was helping to organize dog get togethers with neighborhood dogs – everything from hikes to beach trips to holiday parties.

Although her life was good, she had one major complaint: Mom often traveled on business, and invariably she was left behind. “Why can’t we travel together?” she wondered.

“There are no dogs where I’m going; even if I could bring you, you’d be stuck in the hotel room and there’d be nothing for you to do,” was the inevitable response.

That’s when she came up with The Great Idea: Why not go someplace together and invite all their favorite dogs and dog people, and plan fun, dog-friendly activities so they could spend time together and no one would be stuck alone in the hotel room?

Thus was born Canine Camp Getaway of NY, which Jessie always viewed as one of her proudest accomplishments.
After supervising eight camps, at the ripe old age of 13-1/2 years, Jessie was ready for a new challenge; today, she is Founding Ambassadog of the first CCG Heaven Chapter, where she continues to welcome beloved CCG alumni dogs and friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Lexie Costa
Camp Ambassadog
Part of an “oops litter” from a Black Labrador narcotics dog and a Belgian Malinois protection dog, Lexie comes from strong working lines. However, her joyfully silly personality and love of all things social suggest that somewhere in her lineage, she has equally strong “playing lines,” making her ideally suited for her unofficial job of “doggie cruise director” for Canine Camp Getaway of NY.

A high-energy dog who adores every creature she’s ever met, Lexie loved the idea of hosting a vacation where dogs and humans could spend time together romping, playing, learning, socializing, relaxing, and just having fun.

An inveterate swimmer, she loves pools of all sizes, and would swim in her water dish if she could. A competitive dock diver, Lexie earned her UAD Senior Elite title in in 2015 and her NADD Dock Master and Dock Elite titles in 2016, jumping a personal best of 26 feet and earning a much-coveted invitation to AKC Nationals. In December of 2017, she attended the AKC Dock Diving Nationals in Orlando where she won first place, earning the title of NADD 2017 National Champion in the Veterans Masters Division. As the ultimate water dog, she believes the dog-friendly pool is the very best part of Canine Camp Getaway (though she also recommends lure coursing!).

When she’s not performing hostess duties at Canine Camp Getaway of NY, she is excessively fond of balls, long walks, Croc boots, stealing her sister Kaylee’s toys, dog parks, games of chase and anything else that involves having fun with dogs, cats, people, water or her own tail. She is excited to be helping to plan the 2018 Getaways and is looking forward to meeting, greeting and swimming with both new and returning dog friends.




March 4, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens and welcome to the conclussion episode of Plant Based Diet. I would like to personally thank everyone who was involved in this series. I believe we are in a new era with multiple options for nutrion. I feel this particular source of nutrition is still needing more research, BUT it's intriguing.

I disagree with the way some people have acted regarding this topic. I've been given an insight to individuals behavior towards this topic and I'm extremely disapointed by them. Individuals who are unwilling to think about outside the box won't ever progress because progress takes imagination.

I'm very anxious to see sustainability, long term effects, and more data on this subject. My personal conclussion is " my opinion doesn't matter, YOUR opion has always been what matters".



February 25, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens and welcome back to The Groomer Next Door podcast. This week we're continueing on the "PLANT BASED DIET" series. This week Lindsay Rubin (Manager of Operations) to discuss V-Dog, the Los Angeles Shelter proposal to switch from a meat based dry kibble to a plant based dry kibble. A huge thank you for being on the podcst I appreciate it.

Let's get to know V-Dog

We’re vegans and we love dogs of all sizes, shapes
and scruffiness. In fact, we love all animals...cows, pigs,
chickens, you name it - we don't discriminate. That’s
why we make premium products that are animal &
cruelty-free and don’t do bad things to our planet.

Our first commitment is to the health of pooches and
we've certainly done our research. Dogs are
omnivores and thrive on a nutritionally balanced
plant-based food. Our second commitment is to
minimize environmental degradation. With 80 million
dogs in the US alone, a vegan dog, like a vegan human,
leaves a much smaller paw print on our planet.

Family owned & operated since 2005.

We're a vegan family business based in California. We're committed to what we call the win-win-win lifestyle which is for the animals, for the planet and for the opportunity to live a more peaceful life full of abundant health and happiness.

Our initial inspiration was mostly our two beautiful vegan rescue pitbulls, Pandy and Sparky, who we loved to no end and provided the inspiration to start V-Dog food. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer a healthy alternative dog food for peaceful pooches everywhere.

Animal products without animal products.

Our mission is one of compassion for all animals and for our great green planet. We are grateful for the opportunity to educate dog owners and spread our passion through our 100% animal-free and cruelty-free products.

Your pooch now has the choice to reduce animal suffering by not supporting the factory farming industry and to support the health of the planet. When your pooch adopts a plant-based diet, this is one more positive step towards minimizing animal abuse and global depletion.

So when you feed your pooch V-dog, you can rest easy knowing no animals had to suffer, nor did the planet.

With 100% complete & balanced nutrition, v-dog proudly meets or exceeds AAFCO adult dog food nutritional standards and is veterinarian approved.



Our animal-free kibble contains ingredients you can trust, without any of the stuff you don't.

Our yummy formula is packed with 24% plant-based protein that dogs go nuts for.

V-dog is free from cheap fillers like corn, wheat & soy, making it easy on the belly.

Since 2005, we’ve seen thousands of pooches (and counting), live long, happy lives on v-dog.

The majority of a dog’s carbon footprint comes from their food. A plant-based diet dramatically reduces greenhouse gases and the pollution of land, air & water.

We make animal products without animal products, protecting critters of all kinds...land and sea!

Animal agriculture contributes to global warming more than all transportation.

More than 50% of the water in the U.S. is used for livestock with a quarter pound burger using over 600 gallons.

Clearing land for grazing animals causes more than 90% of deforestation.

V-dog is a proud California company. All of our products, bags, boxes, production facilities, warehouses and shipping carriers are produced and based in the good ol' US of A.

We like working with and employing local businesses, plus keeping things made in America helps us reduce our environmental footprint on this planet we all share.

Hooray for American-made, healthy dog goodies!




February 17, 2018

This week on the podcast we're picking up on our "PLANT BASED DIET" series. I'm very happy to introduce Mikhail Gousev (CEO of Vecado).


About Vecado

Being loving and caring for your dog or cat while also being compassionate to farm animals and the planet is not an easy task. The mainstream pet foods contain low quality meat-based ingredients, which are neither compassionate, nor healthy.

At Vecado, we are revolutionizing how people think about pet foods.

All of our products are 100% plant-based; they contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino-acids necessary for dogs and cats to thrive, and 30% protein content is standard. Vegan pet food reduces bad breath and allergies, improves coat, and complies with regulations. Vecado works only with vegan suppliers, and thousands of people have successfully transitioned their cats and dogs to a vegan diet.

Our goal is to enable You to live your values, by providing your dog and cat with vegan pet food that is healthy and has no negative consequences on other animals or the planet.

Vegan products can be difficult to find and are notorious for high prices especially when importing from US. Customs fees, shipping charges, and US to Canadian dollar conversion fees add up, and that makes it very difficult to buy vegan products.

However, we believe that vegan products should not be expensive. Our company reduces the cost of vegan products by importing in large quantities, and we pass on the savings to You. We have established distribution points in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, which significantly reduces shipping costs, which also makes vegan pet foods more accessible.

Vecado Key Benefits

When you work with Vecado -

  • You ensure that your dog and cat are getting 100% of the required nutrients
  • You are saving lives of farm animals and making our planet a better place
  • You receive prompt support with all of your questions - whether it's advice on nutrition, specific condition of your pet, shipping and deliveries or anything else!

Our products are 100% vegan and are made to give strength, power, and energy to your pet. The products contain a complete set of vitamins, essential minerals and amino-acids. 

We feel very passionately about the world and the animals, and we want to promote fair animal treatment and reduce the impact on the planet. 

Reach out to us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions! Contact us at info@vecado.ca or call 1-800-256-1518

Excited about Vecado?

Are you passionate about animals, the planet and veganism? Do you like researching and writing? Good with social media?

We are looking for talented individuals to help spread awareness about vegan pet food and we would love to hear from you! Please write to us: info@vecado.ca

Our Friends

Toronto Vegetarian Association was founded in 1945 and is a volunteer-driven charitable organization with a mission to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating.

Toronto Pig Save exposes the activities of Toronto's slaughterhouses in order to encourage people to try vegan, protect the environment, and support local farm sanctuaries. TPS calls for a just transition for workers as we adjust our food economy to a local, organic, and whole grain plant-based diet.

National Capital Vegetarian Association is a non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to supporting people interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

Hannah Elizabeth is a brave soul fighting against animal cruelty; Hannah offers love and sympathy to the animals while accumulating powerful documentation. Sympathy at Slaughter exposes the faces, voices and stories of animal's bound for slaughter; Allowing each animal to speak for themselves. 

Meditation Toronto hosts meditation classes all across Toronto for spiritual development; Meditation Toronto has been teaching meditation for over 15 years in the GTA, and is staffed entirely by volunteers who have been practicing and teaching meditation for many years.


How 'natural' is the plant-based diet for dogs?

A common concern about plant-based food for dogs is whether it is “natural”. If dogs evolved from wolves, and wolves preyed on other animals, shouldn't dogs also eat flesh? The following sections discuss this in depth from the evolutionary perspective (dogs evolving as human companions and living on scraps), as well as from conventional diet perspective (conventional meat-based commercial diets being very different from what wolves have consumed in the wild).

Dogs and Wolves: Omnivores vs. Carnivores

Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris, Canis familiaris) belong to the order of Carnivora. Their ancestral counterparts (see image 1) subsisted primarily or entirely on captured prey animals. Accordingly, they have a range of evolutionary adaptations designed to facilitate capture, apprehension, mastication, digestion and absorption of animal tissues. These include senses designed to detect prey animals, a musculoskeletal system designed to facilitate their capture, canine teeth to assist with apprehension, tooth crowns designed for cutting and slicing (rather than grinding of plant materials—which are more prominent in herbivores), and intestinal tracts that are shorter and have different digestive enzymes and intestinal flora than those of herbivores, which require relatively prolonged processing and digestion times.


February 10, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens, This week we start our Plant Based Diet series. Let me start by saying I'm not looking to debunk this type of diet. I'm also not going to sway anyone in any direction. What I plan on doing with this series is to share the microphone with passionate individuals who believe in a plant based diet.

Dr. Sarah Dodd was my original and first choice when it came to an expert. Dr. Dodd is a young vet, but she has passion, and is a vegan. This was very important in planning this series and why she is the leadoff guest for this series. I wasn't disappointed one bit and after you hear this episode you too will understand why she's the perfect fit for this series.



February 3, 2018

This week on the podcast we're so lucky to be joined by Penney Baker.Penney assists Debbie Torraca at Wizard of Paws. I was extremely impressed with Penney during our conversation. Her level of experience training obedience is just amazing.



I have enjoyed a variety of activities with my dogs over the years.  My first Labrador introduced me to the world of Hunt Tests and Agility.  Field work was my preference  for sure.  Until recently, I did not have another dog that had the same interest and talent.  Auto, my male, loves the sport.  And the two young ones, Apple and her daughter Zoe are on the same page as well.  Getting back into field work, learning about hunting got me thinking about equipment, leashes, lanyards, etc.   I use all of the products that we sell.  I also do Competition Obedience with Auto and Zoe .   





Episode 204 “B.C. HENSCHEN”

January 27, 2018

This week on the podcast we're joined by the "NEW" consumer advocate at the AAFCO meetings. B.c> Henschen is also a very intellegent man with a great deal of experience i the pet community. B.c. is also the co-owner of Platinum Paws a very thoughtout one stop pet boutique with responsible pet food, grooming, and more.


Episode 203 “COLD NOSES NEWS”

January 20, 2018
Hello Pups and Kittens and welcome back to The Groomer Next Door Podcast. This week we have one of the most delightful ladies you will ever have the pleassure to talk to. I've had multiple conversations with Bobbie and during every conversation we haven't recorded even a second. This had to change, and we sat down and recorded this episode.
Where It All Started

It was this undeniable, deep passion that led me to create and operate the first mobile doggie daycare service in Denver at the end of 2001. Along with my two rescued dogs, Taz the yellow lab (on the left) with ridiculously long legs and Jet-Jet, my black lab cuddle-buddy, we were a common sight at the local off-leash dog parks as we hiked, swam and played as only dogs can. 

It wasn’t long before I earned the nickname of “Piped Piper” because of the loyal members of the “pack de jour” who never left my side.  It was a great life … happy clients with tired, content dogs who couldn’t wait to jump into my SUV for their next adventure!

Whenever I was stuck at a traffic light, it always made me laugh to see the look on the other driver’s faces as they tried to figure out why the heck my vehicle was rocking back and forth. I’d smile and roll down the back windows and then they’d start laughing as they watched dogs being dogs playing their hearts out in the back of my vehicle.

Yes, I cannot deny it, I love dogs! Taz and his friend Jet-Jet have since gone over the Rainbow Bridge. My heart and home now belong to

Moose (the merle Great Dane) and his impish gal pal, Bella (the black Great Dane/Lab).

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This blog (and the Cold Noses content service business) were born out of – and are a testimonial to – my passion for dogs. I love helping other dog guardians know – and do – better for their beloved K9 companions!

I hope you enjoy the content here … leave us a comment and let us know!


Episode 202 “CHELSEA KENT”

January 13, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door Podcast. This week we're so fortunate to have Chelsea Kent on the podcast. Chelsea is one of the most interesting ladies I have been fortunate to speak with.

Hero’s Pets is a leading retailer in the natural pet supplies market. Founded in 2007 in Littleton, Colorado, the company operates a retail store that offers more than 6,500 products from local and ethical national and international manufacturers in the natural, organic, and eco-friendly pet supply market. Our website is currently being professionally redone and we will soon have an online store soon too!

With 13 years of extensive nutritional research and experience in the pet industry, Chelsea Kent developed a diverse, comprehensive education and perspective in holistic nutrition and product integrity by working closely with the owners of multitudes of holistic pet companies and complimentary medicine practitioners including Nutritional Biochemists, Nutritionists, Microbiologists, Veterinarians and many more.

Working as a product rep in the pet food industry taught Chelsea that good information must be found at the source, from the owners of the companies, and not from the reps. Upon understanding the rules, regulations, and practices in the pet food industry, Chelsea and her mother, Kathy, decided to open Hero’s Pets with the intention of creating a place where consumers can come to trust that the products don’t just SAY they are quality but have verified their claims through documentation and evidence.

Founded in 2007, Chelsea and Kathy were the only employee’s for the first several years of business.

With a passion for pets, research, and spreading their message of whole food nutrition and higher standards they created a loyal customer base that necessitated the hiring of their incredible, well educated, empathetic staff. There is now a com- bined base of 54 years of animal nutrition and behavioral knowledge among the staff of Hero’s Pets. This standard of excellence and commitment to education fuels the future growth of Hero’s Pets with a focus on setting new standards for the entire pet supply industry.

Hero’s Pets philosophy takes all aspects of health into consideration including nutrition, behavior, treats/chews, environmental factors, vaccine and medication history, exercise and home life. At the heart of our mission, even beyond offering healthful and eco-friendly pet products, lies a desire to impact our community via education and responsible consumerism. Hero’s Pets continues to partner with local businesses in an effort to seek truth, demand quality, choose health, and shop local.

The mission of Hero‘s PETS (Planetary and Ecologically Trusted Supplies) is to raise public awareness of the impact consumer decisions have not only on our own lives,
but on our community and our world. We carry only natural products from morally-conscious companies, and strive to support other independent companies in Colorado and around the US.

At Hero’s Pets, we believe that your pet’s health depends on more than just their diet or environment. To achieve health and balance, we take into account their diet, treats, toys, chews, behavior, training, bonding, physical and mental exercise, play, environment and overall life experience. We think that to be truly healthy they must also be truly holistic. Our intensive consultation process helps us walk through all those details to determine what works best for your pets health, your family’s happiness and your budget.

The Food Regulation Facts Alliance was created to provide holistic minded consumers, independent retailers and small holistic manufacturers a voice within the Pet and Agricultural Feed Industry. Becoming a Consumer with FRFA will allow you access to complete educational articles posted by FRFA. Becoming an Advocate, Sponsor or Guru will provide you with varying levels of education, interaction, contribution and one-on-one support with FRFA.

To access full articles please become a member of the Food Regulation Facts Alliance. 100% of member fees go toward effecting positive change in the Pet and Agricultural Feed Industry through Regulatory channels. Without funds, the industry rules, definitions and regulations will not change and/or will continue down their current path, allowing these types of unethical ingredients into our pet and feed animal supplies. Please become a member if you want to support the cause of creating change and making this industry a better place.

Thank you for supporting our cause